HI : D

We're so excited to start this new project. We're going to be taking pictures of random people around our school, and around our neighborhoods of people we think have STYLE. Enjoy ^^



It all started out with me showing Mina The Sartorialist, and then us both realizing we wanted to make a fashion blog to document all the cool outfits we see at school, at the bus stop, on the sidewalk, at the supermarket... you get the idea. So we joined forces to make THE MANGOCHIP! Cheers :3

~ Jennifer


  1. AWESOME!! HAha, mina remeber in grade 7 we drew out our own clothing and stuff? XD

  2. aw heheyeyey this is cool : )

  3. OMG! i like these outfits =]
    i cant wait to see more =D, and gratz on starting on ru first day...unless this sint ur first day xD